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Washing detergents

Advise the washing detergents especially developed for curtains - like the products of Dr. Schutz - when washing these textiles. The product line contains two different detergents, one specially used for washing white curtains, the other for colored curtains. The German company has developed both of the products in order to protect and groom textiles for windows. These cleaning materials can efficiently remove grease, dust and nicotine at a low washing temperature and at the same time does not affect the feel of the materials while giving them a fresh fragrance. The main feature of the product is that it helps preserve the color of the textile. In the case of the white curtain detergent this is achieved by the optical brightener component that it contains. The detergents have the best efficiency on textiles when treating them with these products from the very beginning. Offer the Dr. Schutz Washing detergent for curtains to satisfy your customers, so that they return to you when they are in need of new curtains.