As a wholesaler, our purpose is to provide all the necessary products from one hand, as black-outs, decors, transparents, piece goods, steel, wooden & plastic curtain rods and profiles, the adhering accessories are all ready in our supply, helping you out in your day-to-day work.

The essence of our pursuit is the wholesomeness of our products and the related services from selection to delivery.

Our succesful commercial activity at high level is steadily supported by our 1200 square-meter warehouse containing 310 000 running meters of fabric, a curtain assembly workshop and an experienced, professional team.

Thanks to our innovative, customer-friendly webshop and IT background, our partners can work with up-to-date and precise information.

We introduce new collections twice a year, acting upon the unique needs of the market, all the while maintaining the identity of our supply - this is a great challenge given the fact we have 6000 active products.