Curtain tapes

A compulsory accessory, which is necessary for the purchase of any black-out, decor or transparent curtains.

A good choice makes the gathering and fall of the fabrics perfect and achieves amazing effect.

Gathering ratio

Pencil pleat curtain tapes

The classic pleating, which puts the material in perfect curls. Available in various pleating ratio, 25, 30, 50 and 100 mm width, variable in white and transparent.

Multiple pleated curtain tapes

Popular pleats, with various possibilities. The tapes forms uniform sequences, pleating the curtain into bows of 1, 2, 3 or 4 pleats per sequence. Available in various ratios, widths of 25 or 50 mm, white or transparent colours.

Design curtain tapes

This choice equals custom appearance, special implementation. The lovers of the classical or modern styles can all find the tapes that fit their desire, be it goblet, bow or ypsilon pattern. Similarly to other kinds of curtain tapes, different pleating ratios, widths and colours are available in this range. 

Ripple fold curtain tapes

Contrary to the variability of other kinds of curtain tapes, this type creates regular waves on the fabric. These provide extremely elegant, extra outlook to the textile.