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Functionality of textiles used daily by catering companies is essential. Because of the frequent usage and washing, easy handling is a desired attribute of these textiles. Aesthetic function is, however, a requirement just as important. These textile accessories give the extra touch and create a snug feeling indoors, showing that the owner pays attention even to the smallest details. Changing a few or all of our curtains, table-cloths and other textiles is the easiest and least expensive way of renewing our rooms and spaces indoors. It is like refreshing our whole wardrobe with just a few new, fashionable clothes.

We have within our staff colleagues with experience in the catering business. With the help of this knowledge and with special attention being paid to the continuously changing normative, do we aim to measure up to Your needs. A broad selection of textiles that meet the requirements of the catering industry is available from our company. We offer you complete services starting from designing until implementing (measuring, sewing and installing).  Our experienced colleagues will be more than happy to offer you professional advice in the world of textiles, for you to be able to fulfill your dreams.

Details about our HoReCa products are available under the “Special needs” menu. For further information about our collection, please fill in the fields under the “Contact us!” menu. Our colleague will contact you in order to answer your questions and present you the whole collection.

We would be honored to take part in your company’s next textile purchasing tender.   

We look forward to your offer request and order!
Péter Vágó
HoReCa Product Manager