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Welcome to the world of Szintetika Ltd.! We have portrayed our philosophy in order to present and create an image of our company and to give a picture of the way of our thinking.

Serving satisfied customers is our main goal

Serving satisfied customers is the main goal of the Szintetika team. We therefore place the largest emphasis on the excellence of the products and connecting services that we offer. Our products are constantly selected to have a high price/value ratio, with special attention being paid to the quality. Flexibility, accuracy, reliability, expertise and innovation- these are the guidelines of the services that we follow in order to stay in the frontline of our business sector. The main objective when selecting our collection is to fulfill and adapt to the unique needs of our different target audiences as best as we can.

Szintetika - a friendly working environment

Satisfied employee - satisfied customer. It is extremely important for us that our colleagues feel themselves at home and find pleasure in working. We have created a secure working environment with challenging positions in order to work together with self-confident, highly motivated employees. A reliable, dynamic team has formed over the past years that is looking forward to the upcoming challenges.

Mutual respect and trust with our suppliers

The chosen suppliers are among the best in the world within their product range. Our competitiveness in the region with the products that we offer is based on the fair business conduct and the good relationship that we have with our suppliers. 
Liable, fair business conduct at all times     

Responsible company policy is essential at our company. Our goal is to be a fair and honest enterprise in the eyes of all our partners.